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Welcome To SIFA

My name is Steven, I am a full-time doctorate student at Middlesex University, London. I am also the creator of Suicide Intervention First Aid (SIFA), a recognisable platform from which promising suicide intervention initiatives are tried and tested by qualified researchers. I am here hoping to raise funds that will facilitate this research in underdeveloped areas, with people considered very vulnerable to suicide. Please read through my condensed account of what SIFA is, why it is necessary, and why it needs your support! Thank you.

Who We Are

 Team & Leadership

I am an independent researcher with no external funding striving to help communities which also receive no financial support.                         By donating to SIFA research, you will be supporting the expenses necessary for travel, program implementation, and evaluation, of this non-profit initiative.




As a full-time student I work part-time, when I can, to fund my day-to-day living expenses. The difficulty arises when I travel to promote the importance of implementing suicide intervention strategies in problem areas, as I just did at the 30th World Congress of the International Association of Suicide Prevention (IASP, 2019),                                           When I travel to implement and evaluate these strategies I am not earning an income to fund my work.                                                                   In other subjects, particularly those that generate a lot of revenue, such as in the financial or oil and gas sectors, PhD students are afforded living expenses as part of their incentive to study.                                                       I have chosen this area because it is something that is so necessary, and something I am deeply passionate about dedicating my time to, Unfortunately, passion alone will not sustain SIFA’s mission.              Please Help